Dear Students

            Our school is open for students who want to learn Japanese and use it for their future.  It takes a lot of effort and hard work to acquire accurate Japanese in one to two years, so we will give superior support to you to reach this goal.  We have the best curriculum and learning environment for students, you concentrate on your studies and enjoy our quiet surroundings.  There are approximately twenty schools; (Universities, Colleges, and other Specialized Schools) in our neighborhood.  You can apply those schools after finishing our program without having to change your housing.  We also provide after care services.

           We promise to provide the good quality programs, care, and support for you in your successful Japanese study. We are looking forward to seeing you and studying with you.

[About us]

*Direct Teaching method.

We have a step by step study (understanding = practicing = performing) in small groups to establish better learning skills.


We carefully plan different kinds of practices and materials for four different skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) to match your level and your goals.

 *Environment for using Japanese

We provide the activities and chances for you to practice Japanese in daily life, and support the learning process in those activities.

 *Free talk time

Student will be able to talk with native Japanese speakers and get a better understanding of Japanese language and culture.


We provide a counselor to the support students. Students can talk about academic and private problems with their counselor.


Going to visit companies and/or universities in our neighborhood.

Going to museums and/or picnics to immerse students in Japanese culture.

* Our neighbor (Tama Tokyo)

Good environment for studying

Library is located near by.

Many advance schools are so close by that students can apply without having to change housing after completing our program.