Requirement to apply

1.A person who has finished twelve years of school or has finished the same level of education in their own country; (G.E.D. or equivalent) and is prepared for college level studies.

 2. A person who is financially stable, (to afford the expense to study in Japan, or have a sponsor who is financially stable who will support).

 3. A person who is healthy, and willing to follow the Japanese law and study hard.

Enrolment fee and Tuition



  2nd semester

  3rd semester

4th semester




1 year course 

FEB in the same year

SEP in the same year



1.5 year course

AUG in the same year

MAR in the same year

SEP in next year


2 years course

FEB in the same year

SEP in the same year

MAR in next year

SEP in next year.

Admission fee            20,000yen

Enrollment fee            50,000 yen

Tuition                    300,000 yen             300,000yen                   300,000yen           300,000yen

School service fee     10,000yen                                                   10,000yen

Material fee               20,000yen                                                   20,000yen

Total                       380,000yen             300,000yen                     330,000yen             300,000yen



Admission Requirement

*For an applicant

1.   Application (school’s official form)

2.   Resume (school’s official form)

3.   Medical examination (school’s official form)

4.   6 photos ( 4.0x 4.0cm front shot, no cap, taken with in 6month)

5.   Copy of passport or visa (if you have one)

6.   Certification of the school you graduate the last.

7.   Transcript

8.   Certification for Japanese language experience (if you have)

9.   Letter from company (if you are working)

10.Birth certificate

11.Bank statement

*For a sponsor

1.   Bank statement

2.   Job verification form (Copy of W2, paycheck stubs. If you own a company, business license)

3.   ID

4.   Birth certificate (to show the relation between applicant and sponsor)

5.A letter to shows that you are going to support the student.


How to enroll

What to do
By who
Fil out the form and take all the papers to an agency l

Check your paper work. Turn all your papers into the agency.

Pay admission fee. (20,000 yen)

Have an interview held by GJLI at the agency in your country.


The agency sends your application form and other papers to the school.


Evaluation interview.

Pick up the student who is applying for permission from Japanese Immigration.


Make an application form for a permit to stay in Japan.

Check the application form.

Check the application form for permission and turn it in to immigration

 ( It takes about 4 month to get through the process)


Send a result and permission to the agency.

Pay enrollment fee, tuition, and other fees. (380,000yen)



Apply for the visa to Japanese consulate in your country. (Need to bring your permission)


Come to Japan.

Do the final enrollment process at GJLI.


*It you cancel the enrollment for any personal reasons after you get

 permission from Japanese immigration, you cannot get a refund.